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Grew a Company that Sells Health & Beauty Products to N52million Sales in just 6 Months!

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I'm Seun Ogundele, for years I struggled with getting customers and sales for my business. Until I discovered a simple marketing Formula that gets customers, sales and scale up my business. So I began helping hundreds of business owners skyrocket their sales and grow their businesses. 

And today, if you will give me the chance am ready to help you get more clients in the next 30 days than you did in the last 12 months.

Here are the 4 Steps to Sell 500% More in Your Business Starting Today!

Step 1

Know Your LCV

9 out of 10 businesses never learn to identify their lifetime customer value (LCV)  AKA: How much money per client per "x" period of time do they get.

As an example: An Average Shoprite's client invest N5,000 and visit the shopping mall at least once a month. That means that their average customer represents N60,000 per year to them. On this way, they know exactly how much they can invest to get this client.

Step 2

Have Instant Additional Sales

50% of businesses dont have a system to instantly get an extra sale when someone buys. On average a client has up to 20x more chances to buy again.

The best way to increase sales instantly is to offer new products or services to already existing customers AND doing this right at the moment they purchased something is really huge!

Step 3

Target the Right Audience

Now adays thank to the internet and new technologies. it is possible to advertise, targeting the exact audience thats more likely to buy  "x" products/ services and therefore, launching extremely targeted marketing campaigns is now affordable for business of any sizes.

The companies who are leveraging this kind of marketing are selling up to 300% more in light-speed timeframes with up to 10 times lower costs in comparision with traditional media or advertising. 

Step 4

Measure and Scale

The world's most successful business model are franchises. Absolutely 100% franchises knows exactly what kind of ROI they can expect  for each  and every naira they spend on advertising. On the other side, less than 10% of normal business know what kind of ROI they can expect from their advertising efforts.

Today is possible,affordable and even easy to measure absolutely everything, from getting leads to getting customers, 

And thats it, so simple and yet very powerful....If you apply this into your business right away you will see significant increase in your sales.

But wait... Let me ask you a simple question

Would You Like Us to Work Together With You, for
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This is how it works:

Once you complete the application below, a specialist from our team will review your business and will get in touch with you to schedule a free call. We will spend around 15-30 minutes where we're going to create a practical and simple plan to immediately increase your sales. This is 100% free, no cost at all.

By the time we finish the call, you'll have the exact plan to instantly multiply your sales. Guaranteed. If you like the plan, you can put it to work and then let us know how did it work for you.You can also hire our expert team to do it for you so you can focus on your business while we do all the marketing for you. If you choose this 2nd option, our fee is N200,000 but 100% of our clients say it was actually free as they made way more money in the first month than our fee.

We believe that is exactly how it should be. A good marketing campaign will pay for itself again and again!

Important Disclaimer:

Due to the nature of this service, we offer this free consultations spots from time to time and only through an application basis. This is important because that's the reason why spots are very limited and first come first served.

Today we have 2 new spots available!

Complete the application below and if we consider you're a good fit, we'll get in touch within 24hs business days:

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